• Beachland Recreation Centre Ltd (BRC) will retain the right to designate storage space. Every effort will be made to assign Boat Owner the storage space of his/her choice; however, the rights of other Boat Owner and the BRC's business judgement will also be relevant factors in the assignment of storage space.
    • BRC may refuse to rent space to any person for any reason allowed by law.
    • All boat space rent will be payable at the start of each season unless other terms are agreed to by BRC.
    • Boat Owners must launch and operate their boats at least two(2) times, every six(6) months from the commencement of this agreement. Failure to comply may result in the relevant boat being move to a different location, and the termination of this agreement.
    • Boat Owner agrees not to sell, transfer, assign or permit the use of his/her assigned space without the express written consent ofBRC.
    • If Boat Owner desires to store a boat other than the craft referenced on this Agreement he or she must obtain the permission of BRC and pay any additional charges.
    • Only those persons specified on this Agreement will be permitted to operate the boat in the club. BRC will not be held liable should someone other than those listed on the Agreement operate the craft without the Boat Owner's permission.
    • Boat Owner agrees not to hold BRC liable for any loss caused by any delay in launching, storage, transporting or commissioning caused by weather or any other event beyond the control of BRC.
    • BRC does not guarantee that electrical service will be continuous. Boat Owners will not use the club's electrical outlets to operate power tools, equipment, machinery, etc. unless permission has been given by the management.
    • Uses of any open flame device, toxic chemicals or any other hazardous equipment or supplies in the docking area are prohibited.
    • Boat Owner is prohibited from causing any dangerous or adverse environmental condition of fire hazard.
    • Boat Owner is prohibited from disposing of any paper, refuse, garbage or any other type of solid waste except in containers provided by BRC.
    • No sleeping on or in the stored property or use of stored property of any living purposes is permitted.
    • Storing of boats is restricted to private pleasure boats used for recreational purposes only. No party, charter or commercial boat of any kind shall be eligible for storage. Storage of a trailer is limited to a non-commercial trailer.
    • Boat Owner will use the docks and attached facilities for reasonable and typical boating activities. Boat Owners will keep the dock area clear of all gear, tackle, and other obstructions. Boat Owner agrees not to dispose of waste or trash (including treated or untreated sewage from heads or holding tanks) in the club or docking area. Boat Owners will not cause damage to the docking facility through excessive wear and tear, create any unnecessary disturbance or nuisance, or store rubbish on the docking facility.
    • Boat Owner may work on his/her boat in the club as long as such work does not interfere with the rights of other Boat Owners or the operation of the creek. If Boat Owner wishes to have someone other than himself or an employee of BRC work on his boat on the creek, prior written approval must be obtained from BRC. No person, without the express written consent of BRC, may engage in any type of commercial activity on the club property or docks. Commercial activity includes, but not limited to, selling or demonstrating for sale boats or other property, performing repairs or services for such a fee charged, or carrying passengers for hire.
    • If Boat Owner violates any of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement or those posted in the club facilities, BRC will have the option of terminating this Agreement upon 10 days written notice to Boat Owner. Boat Owner must remove his/her boat from the club prior to the end of the 10-day period.
    • Boat Owner will not remove his/her boat from the rented storage space until all charges have been paid in full.
    • Boat Owner agrees to reimburse BRC for reasonable attorney fees and costs relating to a suit or other collection efforts by BRC against Boat Owner to collect any amounts due under this Agreement.
    • If Boat Owner fails to remove in a timely manner his/her boat and equipment from the rented boat space at the termination of this Agreement, BRC will have the option of:
    1. Automatically renew storage agreement from period to period at BRC's prevailing rate, or
    2. Charging Tenant daily rent on a pro rata basis for the space occupied, or
    3. Taking possession of the boat and equipment, or
    4. Moving the boat and equipment to another location, or
    5. Pursuing any other remedy available under law.
    • INSURANCE: All boat owners must have a minimum of Third Party Insurance. Please note that while all reasonable care is taken by ourselves, it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that their vessel is properly secured and protected from wind and water levels. BRC discloses to Owner that it does not carry any insurance of any type or kind for the benefit of Owner. Boat Owner agrees to release and discharge BRC from any and all responsibility or liability for injury (including death), loss, or damage to persons or property in connection with BRC's facility or club. This release and discharge will cover without limitation any loss or damage resulting from BRC's employees parking or hauling owner's boat, vandalism, theft, fire, hail, high/low water, wind, collision, ice, rain or any other act of God.
    • If a Boat Owner fails to make his/her storage space rental payment, BRC may use either of the remedies set forth in item 20. If BRC chooses the remedy in item 20(d.) BRC may rent the space to another Boat Owner.
    • Boat Owner will deliver to BRC duplicates of all keys required to access and operate his/her boat. BRC will enter Boat Owner's boat only for periodic inspection or in the event of emergency.
    • In an emergency situation, BRC will be permitted to move Boat Owner's unattended boat to a safer location if possible. BRC will not be required to provide this service. In the event such service is provided, Boat Owner will be required to pay all costs incurred by BRC on Boat Owner's behalf. Boat Owner will indemnify and hold BRC safe and harmless from any and all liability, injury, loss or damage caused by or resulting to Boat Owner 's boat due to an emergency situation.
    • NO trespassing on the club boat storage areas except for boat storage clients, family and invited guests. The boat storage area is not open to the public. Boat Owner is responsible for the conduct of his/her guests. All persons using the club facilities must conform to reasonable standards of conduct and behaviour, in order that all may enjoy the facilities. Violation of federal, state or local laws or regulations, failure to comply with club rules, disorderly conduct, intoxication, the use of foul or abusive language, and like behaviour will be cause for immediate dismissal of the offender and cancellation of this Agreement.
    • NOBODY is to remove their boat from location without notifying the club management first.
    • Watercraft and trailers must be maintained in a safe and seaworthy condition.
    • Car parking is in the designated areas only. In the event it is necessary to move a car or trailer in the absence of the owner, the cost of such service will be charged to the Boat Owner. Boat Owner agrees to use the parking lot and stall at Boat Owner’s own risk. BRC will not be responsible for theft or damage to the stored property.
    • CHILDREN and non-swimmers MUST BE SUPERVISED AROUND DOCKS AND THE RIVERFRONT AT ALL TIMES. Boat owners are responsible for seeing that children and non-swimmers wear personal floatation devices at all times when on or around the docks.
    • This Agreement contains all terms and conditions of the Agreement between BRC and Boat Owner. No modification of this Agreement shall be binding upon either party unless such modification is made, in writing, and signed by both BRC and Boat Owner.
    • Problems & Complaints:
      Every effort has been made to ensure that you have an enjoyable and memorable time with us and to date we have had no serious complaints or problems. If however, you have any problem or cause for complaint it is essential that you contact us immediately to give us the chance to resolve it. We value your custom and want you return!

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