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Beachland Boat Club bar and restaurant encompasses a full-fledged packet of entertainment in music, live bands and show acts such as Nigeria’s best african dancers. From our mixed contemporary selections to live bands there is something for every taste in music. We have free live entertainment on Thursday and Sundays. The club-bar has assorted drinks, the restaurants and grill have an exceptional quality in fresh continental and local dishes. The Club offers many and varied activities and functions at which Members and Guests may enjoy the friendship of interesting people of all walks of life, and with whom they can share the pleasure of boating and social activities. It also provides a complete entertainment venue with bars for live entertainment, wedding reception, birthdays and other function.BeachlandBoatclub is a fun place to hang out and watch a band. You can get a beer for cheap, sit right there at the bar and chat in real time!!! There's dancing if the spirit moves you, a pool and a view of the creek. Come and indulge, for as the poet Samuel Johnson once said, “All intellectual improvement arises from leisure…”

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